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First and foremost, a major sigh of relief that I will continue to live in a country where my gender isn't considered a preexisting condition and where I'm allowed to make decisions about my own body. It's weirdly hard to be actively excited about this win simply because the terror of the "what could have been" is so strong that having won is about relief from terror more than excitement.

What I am massively excited about is all of the amazing women who have been voted into congress, and all of the amazing women who voted across the country and made this election possible. What was that about women having ways of shutting things down? Yeah, they shut MISOGYNY down.

In other news, houseguest extravaganza has finally come to a close...I seriously love all the people I've gotten to see in the last three weeks but NEVER AGAIN will I have guests on three consecutive weekends. Even if two of them are long weekends. It just messes with my productivity in ways I can't afford, especially going into November. November is always hell month, because it's when I have to actually start getting to work on seminar papers while still managing to keep up with reading. This year won't be so bad seminar paper-wise -- I already know what I'm writing on for both my seminars, now I just need to sit down and write it -- but that takes time and time is not a thing I've had the past few weeks.

Also on the topic of November, NaNoWriMo...yeah, about that. This is the hardest time I've ever had coming up with a concept for a story, and even now that I have (a bunch of people get trapped inside an uptown NYC apartment during Sandy) it's slow going. I haven't been able to write because of houseguest, and then because of reading catch-up in wake of houseguest, but I'm not going to give up, even if I'm not terribly inspired by what I'm writing. Any motivation would be very, very welcome. I'm going to need it in the next few weeks...

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Yeah, guests eat free time. And being busy with actual things that you're externally accountable for makes it hard to justify spending time on things you aren't, especially if the quality of both goes down. But I'll try...

Motivation, from "meh" to "omg!":
- Perfect record
- Embarrassment (tell more people what you're doing and that you're going to succeed.)
- The fact that I'm writing this year and statistically I have never been able to win in a year that you haven't.
- It's only one week into November.
- Possibility of crossover with other stories (either yours or other Wrimos')
- Cookies!
- Balance between all your different kinds of work.
- The chance that something really amazing is going to happen to your characters but you just haven't gotten there yet, and seriously you need to find out what it is.

Man, my own story is crap right now…hopefully some actual intrigue will show up soon or I'll run out of material by the end of next week. Also there is so much dialogue I'm thinking it should have been a Script Frenzy.



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